Sweet ‘n’ Spicy cut mango curry


*Half ripe mangoes – 4 big.

*Turmeric powder – 1 teaspoon.

*Chilli powder – 3 Teaspoon.

*Peeled garlic – 20 cloves.

*Ginger – 1 Pc.

*Fenugreek seeds – 1 teaspoon.

*Mustard seeds – 3 teaspoons.

*Salt – to taste.

*Curry leaves – 2 stems.

How to make the recipe

1.Clean the mangoes and pat it dry. Cut the mangoes in the desired shape and size. Combine Turmeric powder, chilli powder, salt and curry leaves with water and make a thick paste. Combine well the prepared mangoes and the paste we prepared.

2.Heat a wok, once the wok is hot enough add the mustard seeds on crackle set it aside and heat the fenugreek seeds wait till the colour changes. Careful not to burn it. Once it cools a bit, make a fine powder (both can be blended together).

3.Crush garlic and ginger and keep it aside.

4.Keep the mango mixture we prepared in step 1 on the stove, cover and cook the mixture.

5.Once the mango is cooked add the ingredients prepared in step 2 and 3 and let it cook to boil.

6.Take another pan for tempering, once the pan is hot add mustard once it crackle add osme curry leaves and put the seaosning to the cooked mangoes.Your sweet and spicy cut mango curry is ready.

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