Onam Special Rice Payasam Recipe


  • Rice- 1 cup
  • Jaggery (gur) – 1 cup
  • ghee -1 ltr
  •  Raisin -1 tablespoon
  •  Cashew nuts – tablespoon
  •  coconut pieces- 3/4 cup
  •  cardamom powder 1 teaspoon
  •  Coconut milk – one full (first and second )
  •  Dry ginger powder-1/4
  •  Cumin powder 1\4
  •  Pearl sago-1\2 cup
  • Milk-1ltr


  •  In a pan, add the water and jaggery melt it over low flame. Crush the jaggery to make the melting faster and easier.
    Then filter the jaggery syrup and keep it aside.
  •  Grind the grated coconut and extract the first and second milk from it
  •  In a heavy bottom pan add ghee and jaggery syrup .now we add pearl sago mix them well
  •  And then we add rice and second coconut milk while stirring.
  •  Add small amount of cow milk , followed by the ghee and the powdered cardamom ,cumin powder and dry ginger
    powder with constant stirring in low flame.
  •  In a pan / Kadai / heat the ghee, fry raisins, coconut pieces and fry cashew nuts till it become golden colour.  Add it
    to the  payasam ,add the first milk and mix well. Do not allow it to over boil.
  •  Switch off heat Serve the kerala style ari payasam hot or cold.

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