Charcoal-grilled tapioca with sardines


*Tapioca (as desired).
*Sardines (as desired).
*Salt as required.
*Dried chilies


1) Peel and clean the tapioca. Grill it over charcoal.
2) Clean the sardines and wash it with salt.
3) Grilled the sardines over charcoal.
4) In a pot take saline water just enough to cook the sardines. Transfer the sardines to the pot and cook it over the flame.
5) For the chutney, grill the dried chilies required for spice over charcoal.
6) Grind the grilled chilies, shallots, and salt on a stone grinder.
7) Serve the grilled tapioca, sardines, and the dried chili chutney on a banana leaf.

Yummy grilled tapioca and sardines is ready…

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