Dry Diwali snacks suji snacks


  • Roasted rava-1 kg
  • Black cumin seed-2 or 3 tsp
  • Coconut oil-1kg
  • Salt to taste
  • Water for mixing


  •  Firstly we take a large mixing bowl add roasted rava,black cumin seed ,2 or 3
    tsp of oil and salt mix well
  •  Then we add little by little amount of water and start to make smooth dough
    and keep a side.
  •  Make  the dough into equal lemon sized balls. Take one ball and flatten it with
    rolling pin.
  •  Then cut four sides and divided into equal size ,and roll all dough into equal
    size and shape.
  •  Heat oil in a pan ,on low flame till the suji snacks turn golden brown and
  •  Turn off the flame and enjoy the Diwali special suji snacks…

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