Nostalgic Kerala Recipe – Peanut Candy


  • Peanut – ½ kg
  • Jaggery – 250 grm.
  • Ghee – 1 or 2 tsp


  • First we have to take a heavy bottom pan add water and grated jaggery ,let it melt
  • Then we have to peel the skin of peanut and set a side.
  • Then we have to crush the peanut and set aside.
  • Then we filter the jaggery water into another pan
  • Then add 2 tsp of ghee and boil it well.
  • Then we have to boil on lower to low heat ,string continuously until the syrup bubbles well and
    thickens slightly.
  • Add crush peanut and mix it well, immediately transfer it to a neat surface .
  • Then roll the peanut mixture flat using rolling pin and cut it into desired shape
  • Serve and enjoy the taste of kerala nostalgic peanut candy.

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