Super Tasty Kerala Style Traditional Recipe – Pazham Varattiyathu


  • Jaggery- 100g
  • Banana – 5 nos
  • Ghee 1 tbsp
  • Cardamom powder- 1 tbsp


  • Today we’re going to make Kerala style traditional Pazam varattiyathu
  • For that first heat some water in a pan and add jaggery
  • Then mix and stir it till it dissolves in water and keep it aside
  • Now peel the banana
  • Then slice it in to thin pieces
  • Then heat a steaming pan in the stove
  • Now put all the banana in to the steamer, close it and let it steam
  • When it is steamed transfer it in to a plate and smash the steamed banana
  • Then heat some ghee in a pan and transfer this smashed banana in to it and add the jaggery water in to it and stir well continuously till its consistency changes
  • Now add some cardamom powder and mix it
  • Then stir it and add some more ghee
  • Stir it till it becomes thick
  • Now remove from fire
  • Super tasty traditional pazam varattiyath is ready to serve

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