Dried fish with Jackfruit seed and Green mango Thoran/ Unakka Meen Chakkakuru Manga Thoran


1. Dried fish / unakka meen cut into pieces.

2. Green mango peeled and cut into pieces.

3. Jackfruit seeds/ chakkakuru cleaned and cut into pieces.

4. Grated coconut.

5. Garlic

6. Shallots.

7. Green chilies.

8. Turmeric powder.

9. Oil.

10. Mustard seeds.

11. Curry leaves.


1. Grind coconut with garlic( 4 cloves), green chilies, shallots ( 4-5 nos), and turmeric powder make a fine paste.

2. Heat a pan, add oil. Once the oil is hot add mustard seed once it crackles add sliced shallots and curry leaves.

3. Add the dried fish, jackfruit seeds, and green mango to the pan. Mix in the ground paste, add enough water to cook all ingredients.

Thoran is ready to be served…

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