Soft & Sweet Rava Kozhukatta


  • Roasted rava – 2 cups
  • Green gram – 2 cups
  • Jaggery – 2 cup
  • Cardamom – 5 or 6 nos
  • Ghee – 2 or 3 tbsp


  • Heat a pan add green gram and saute well .
  • Remove from fire and set aside.
  • Then crush the roasted green gram
  • Then winnowing the green gram and set aside.
  • Take a bowl add crushed green gram and water
  • Wash and soak for few minutes.
  • Heat water in a pan add jaggery and boil them well.
  • Crush cardamom and set aside.
  • Heat a pan add drained jaggery water .
  • Drained soaked green gram and set a side.
  • Then add grated coconut into the jaggery water
    Stir them well.
  • Then add soaked green gram and stir them well.
  • Then add roasted rava and mix them well.
  • Then add ghee and mix them well.
  • Then add crushed cardamom and mix them well.
  • Remove from fire and set aside.
  • Heat water in a steamer.
  • When the temperature cools down to the rava mixture that you can handle, prepare small rava balls.
  • Steam the rava balls in a steamer/idli steamer for 10 minutes or till they are cooked well.
  • Remove from fire and set aside.
  • Serve the tasty rava kozhukatta with tea or coffee

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