Steamed jackfruit dumplings / Chakka kumbilappam


*Bay leaves.
*Grated coconut – as required.
*Wheat flour – 1kg.
*Cardamom – 4 nos.
*Jaggery – as per sweetness.
*Ripe jackfruit – as required.

1) Keep a steamer on the flame.
2)Make a dough with crushed cardamom, crushed cumin, wheat flour, grated coconut, chopped jackfruit, jaggery( adjust it according to the sweetness of jackfruit), and water.
3)Make cones from bay leaves using toothpicks. Fill the cone with the prepared dough.
4) Keep the dough filled cones on the steamer. Steam it to well done.
Taste steamed jackfruit dumplings ready. Remove from the bay leave and enjoy…

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